debt2There has been much lost sleep over the last five years as people agonize over how to cope with their debt.  It all began on a happy note.  You bought a nice house at current market rates.  Then suddenly the market took a nosedive and you were left with a house worth only 50% of what you paid.  To make matters worse, you may have experienced a cutback in wages or hours or even the loss of a job.  All at a time when you needed the money most.

Perhaps you’re problem came through the use of multipledebt-pic credit cards.  It began so simply.  Several banks sent you invitations to get their card and transfer balances at below market rates.  You gathered four or five and began paying off your debt at low, low rates.  That was until a payment went late and the rate was hiked from 4% to 24%.  Suddenly you were caught in a credit nightmare as each card escalated their minimum payments.   You tried your best, mad as many payments as possible, even called customer service.  But in the end, you could not keep up and your credit was ruined.

thLife took on a different color as you avoided the mail, the phone and anyone at the door.  You began to live in fear.  Fear of losing your car, your home, your way of life!  Well FEAR NO MORE!

Here at The Wealth Bazaar, we have help.  First: download our free guide on handling debt.  It’s called “Coping With Debt”.  It is a step by step plan to confront your debt and take control.  The second free book is also available for you to download at no cost.  It’s called “Credit Repair”.  With this book you will learn how to take the necessary steps to repair the past and pave the way for a secure, prosperous future.  The last step is to repair your self image.  Visit the “Power To Succeed” section and learn how your spiritual health is vital to your success.  Get out of debt.  Get out from under it’s control!  Take charge of your life!   Plan to prosper!

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