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movie projector2Video Courses…Check out our excellent video courses.  The Twitter Video Course is a step by step classes of video instruction on setting up you own online marketing presence.  Learn how to dominate the Twitter marketplace through seven in depth lessons.  Learn how to automate your online presence, find new followers, automate tweets, maximize your potential, and even a Twitter marketing strategy.   Our WordPress Setup Course is a simple, easy to use guide to setting up and maintaining a profitable WordPress presence.  Learn everything from installation techniques, using plugins and finding themes to tools, tricks and settings.  Online Security Course: These videos are created for the novice / newbie who wants to learn the ropes of an online business. The videos are created so they are independent from each other. This means that they do not refer to the other videos in this series and will compliment any related training content you have.  If you or you have clients that are in the offline OR online marketing niche, then having the confidence and know how to securely lock down a WordPress site can be a very lucrative income stream.  These videos will detail how to add layers of security to your WordPress site.

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